‘Creating a world without poverty’ is Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ second major book. This book was first published in New York, USA by ‘Public Affairs’ in 2007. It jumped to the best seller list in USA.

In this book, Dr. Yunus mainly projected his idea of social business and discusses about the future of capitalism. But the book is more than a discussion of social business and it contains many other issues like his vision on Information technology, globalisation, hazards of prosperity etc.

Dr. Yunus is a practical economist and what he believes he first tries to implement in practice. That is true for his first book ‘a banker to the poor’ where he discusses his innovation and experiences with microfinances. It is also true for his second book. Before he ventures into this book, he nourishes the idea in his thought, threw light on the issue in his speeches and transformed it into practice in his projects. In his acceptance speech of the Nobel peace prize in Oslo in December 10 2006 he said ‘social business will be a new kind of business introduce in the marketplace with the objective of making a difference in the world.’

This book is basically meant for practice- practicing social business, transforming and developing social business with the objective to eradicate poverty from this world. But this book is also a book of vision and of philosophy where he envisioned the human being not as an agent absolutely tuned for material gain but with a inherent trait to do good for the others. This inherent goodness of the human being, he thinks, need to be nourished to change the world for a better future.

This vision of life touched me and I found the book good for academic reading also.

I found many a souls have gone through the book and impressed by its contents and inspired by its ideals. Many young and old as well attended the lectures of Dr. Yunus at different parts of the world and acquainted with his vision.

Many reviews has been published and many more will come along. Many young minds has taken interest in the book and expressed their impression in their blogs.

We assume that many more will read the book and discuss their opinion on the book in this blog.

Together we shall try to understand the inner message of a book which will change the concept of human being and as well the change economic scenario of the world in the coming years.


This blog is an open forum, anybody like to post or comment is welcome. It is a sort of study circle on the net.

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