Bill Gates proposes his ‘Creative Capilalism’ in World Economic Forum
at Davos, Switzerland

Thank you for that welcome and for the privilege of speaking at this forum.

This is the last time I will come to Davos as a full-time employee of Microsoft.

Some of us are lucky enough to arrive at moments in life where we can pause, reflect on our work, and say: “This is great. It’s fun, exciting, and useful—I could do this forever.”

But the passing of time forces each of us to take stock and ask: What have I accomplished so far? What do I still want to accomplish?

Thirty years, twenty years, ten years ago, my focus was totally on how the magic of software could change the world.

I believed that breakthroughs in technology could solve the key problems. And they do—increasingly—for billions of people. Read the rest of this entry »