‘Creating a World Without Poverty’ is a visionary book which will change the future of the world as said by Chris Macrae. It is already read and will be read by many a person throughout the world, young and old alike. Many of them will be inspired by the book. Many may express their opinion in their sites/blogs or elsewhere. Many will agree with the opinion expressed in the book and some may not.
This site is designed to collect those opinions and also to form a forum for the readers of the book to share their ideas and opinion on the book.

This is an open forum. Any reader of the book is entitled to be a commentator/contributor/author in the blog.

I am badrud doza, a reader of the book and initiator of the blog who is impressed by the content and inner message of the book. Otherwise he is ‘an ordinary citizen’ in thinking and a ‘pediatrician‘ by profession.

Contact: badrud_doza@yahoo.com

26 June 2008

We are thinking to extend the discussion in this blog beyond the book but also into the main content of the book-social business.

Sabine McNeill of http://yunusphere.net from UK has joined the blog recently as an author. We shall be encouraged if more enthusiasts join the blog as author/contributor.

29 July 2008

Lilly Evans, the other author of http://yunusphere.net also joined us.


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